Welcome to Zanarkand

At Zanarkand, we understand that customers deserve excellent service so we have a team established that want to offer the best possible service.  If you don’t believe us take a look at our Testimonials page by clicking here.

Penetration Testing

Employ the services of a certified white-hat hacker to validate your existing defenses and to close loopholes that hackers might exploit. All of the penetration testers at Zanarkand Security are OSCP certified.

Vulnerability Testing

These low-cost, heavily automated security assessment scans will help to mitigate exploits that an attacker might use to gain control of your network.

Network Management

Employ the experts at Zanarkand to design, and maintain a secure and stable network.

Voice Services

The staff of Zanarkand have over a decade of experience in VoIP communications. You can employ the experts at Zanarkand to provide you with the best VoIP services.

Comprehensive Security

Coming Soon!